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Divisional Histories

A division was the major individual formation that formed the British Army and British Indian Army during the Second World War. This section contains information about the divisional formations of the British and Indian Armies that served during the war.

Following the end of the war, several divisional histories were written by interested parties, usually a senior Army officer who served with or was involved with that division. I have listed those books that are known to me, so that any interested person can seek to obtain them through appropriate sources.

I intent to write (over a period of time) concise histories of those divisions, particularly the Indian Army divisions, for which no published history currently exists. Some are complete in respect of a first draft, with others in various stages of preparation. There are links to some documents on this website.

If you require information on a specific formation, please contact the webmaster.

Further information on each of the units and formations can be found in the sections as below:

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