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Units & Formations 1930 - 1956:

Signals Unit

The Royal Corps of Signals was formed in 1922 as a result of new technology in wireless communication and following the experiences of the Great War. The corps provided signals units to various formations within the British Army, communications within units being the responsibility of that battalion or regiment.

At Brigade level, the Royal Corps of Signals provided a Signal Section. At Divisional level, this became known as the Divisional Signals, in effect a signals battalion or regiment commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. At the beginning of the Second World War, each Divisional Signals comprised four companies, each with a specific role. By 1944, these sub-units were retitled as squadrons (but now only three squadrons in each Divisional Signals), with each squadron comprising a number of Troops. Majors or Captains commanded Squadrons, with Subalterns commanding Troops.

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