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United Kingdom 1944 - 1947:

British Armoured Formations

In the United Kingdom, two armoured formations were retained into 1944 for training and draft finding roles: namely the 9 Armoured Division and 35 Tank Brigade.


» 9 Armoured Division (1944)
» 35 Tank Brigade (1944-45)

The 9 Armoured Division had been formed on 1 December 1940, and was based in the United Kingdom throughout it existence. Initially, it comprised the 27 Armoured Brigade, 28 Armoured Brigade and 9 Support Group. It came under command of IV Corps from 1 December 1940 to 12 October 1941. It then served with IX Corps until 12 August 1942, when it moved to Northern Command.

The division joined VIII Corps on 25 January 1943, leaving on 4 July to come under South Eastern Command. It moved to Eastern Command on 4 October 1943, and then joined II Corps on 19 January 1944. II Corps was not designated to join 2 Army in the forthcoming invasion of North West Europe, so the division assumed the role of training and draft finding. On 6 March 1944, the division came under command of Northern Command again, and then for the last month of its life, Eastern Command. Following the invasion of Normandy, the division disbanded on 31 July 1944, mainly to provide reinforcements for the 21 Army Group.

The 35 Tank Brigade was formed on 1 December 1941 by the conversion of the 225 Independent Infantry Brigade. The three original regiments were the 151 Regiment, R.A.C., formed by the conversion of the 10 Bn. The King’s Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster); the 152 Regiment, R.A.C. formed by the 11 Bn. The King’s Regiment (Liverpool); and the 155 Regiment, R.A.C. formed by the 15 Bn. The Durham Light Infantry. In July 1945, the brigade was redesignated as the 35 Armoured Brigade, gaining several units.

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