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United Kingdom 1939 - 40:

Aldershot Command

Aldershot Command had been developed as the base for the ‘Spearhead Corps’ intended to sent overseas at times of crisis, and was the centre of the Regular Army in the United Kingdom. The command was geographically small, consisting of the parishes around Aldershot as far as Liss, Woking, Wokingham and Alton.

The command had two Regular Army formations under command, the 1 Infantry Division and 2 Infantry Division. There were also the 1 Army Tank Brigade and 1 Anti-Aircraft Brigade stationed within the command area.


As soon as war was declared, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Aldershot Command (Lieutenant General DILL) became the G.O.C. I Corps, and left for France. A new G.O.C-in-C was appointed. The 1 Infantry Division, 2 Infantry Division and 1 Anti-Aircraft Brigade left for France during September 1939. The 1 Army Tank Brigade was only partially equipped with tanks, and deployed in tranches to France in early 1940.

Aldershot remained a key base for the British Army throughout the war. Aldershot Command was redesignated as South Eastern Command on 15 February 1941 in anticipation of invasion of the U.K. On 30 November 1944, South Eastern Command was disbanded and Aldershot District formed.

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