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Sicily 1943:

Overview and Higher Formations

The chronology of events for the Sicily campaign commences with the decision of the Casablanca Conference attended by the Allied Heads of Government and Chiefs of Staff to invade Sicily once the operations in Tunisia had been concluded. The key appointments for the forthcoming operation were made on 11 February 1943. General ALEXANDER was to command the 15 Army Group, with General MONTGOMERY to command the Eastern Task Force (8 Army) and Lieutenant General PATTON the Western Task Force (U.S. 7 Army).

The campaign itself lasted from 10 July 1943 to 17 August 1943, a total of thirty-nine days.

Order of Battle and Command Structure
The command structure for the campaign is illustrated. It shows the order of battle of 15 Army Group at the beginning of the campaign.

Higher Formations
The higher formations of the British Army employed in the Sicilian campaign were the 15 Army Group, 8 Army, XIII Corps and XXX Corps. The history and senior personnel for these formations is shown on the accompanying documents.

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