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Sicily 1943:

British Formations

There were four British infantry divisions engaged in the Sicilian campaign. Two of these divisions had been with the 8 Army since October 1942. Both the 50 (Northumbrian) Infantry Division and 51 (Highland) Infantry Division had been involved in the second battle of El Alamein, and the subsequent advance into Tunisia.

The two other divisions involved had arrived from differing locations. The 5 Infantry Division had seen service in France, Madagascar, India, Iraq before joining XIII Corps in preparation for Operation Husky. The 78 Infantry Division was a reserve division for Operation Husky, but landed on 25 July 1943 to join XXX Corps. The 46 Infantry Division was also earmarked as a reserve division, but was not used.

In addition to the four infantry divisions, the 1 Airborne Division was also deployed in Operation Husky. Some units had been involved in the Tunisian campaign, but this was the first time this division had been deployed as a complete formation.

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