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The Services 1930 - 1956:

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

The Royal Army Ordnance Corps (R.A.O.C.) was the branch of the British Army responsible for the procurement, storage and issue of materiel classified as ‘Ordnance Stores’. Likewise, in the Indian Army, the Indian Army Ordnance Corps (I.A.O.C.) performed the same function. Ordnance Stores was defined to include:

Personal and unit equipment;
Small arms ammunition;
Signals stores;
Armoured fighting vehicles;
Motor transport (except vehicles used by the R.A.S.C.);
Personal accessories;
Workshop tools;
Motor transport stores, spare and replacement parts;
Medical and veterinary stores.
Expendable supplies, such as food, animal fodder, petrol, oil and lubricants (P.O.L.), was the responsibility of the R.A.S.C. and R.I.A.S.C..

The R.A.O.C. and I.A.O.C. was responsible for the maintenance of weapons, vehicles, military equipment or ammunition until the creation of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

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