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Italy 1943 - 1945:

Canadian Formations

The Canadian Army provided a significant presence in Italy until the latter stage of the war when all Canadian formations were concentrated in North West Europe.

The first Canadian divisional formation to land in Italy was the 1 Canadian Infantry Division. This formation had taken part in the Sicily campaign, under command of XIII Corps.


Corps Troops
» I Canadian Corps (1944-45)

Divisional Formations
» 1 Canadian Infantry Division (1943-45)
» 5 Canadian Armoured Division (1944-45)

Independent Brigade(s)
» 1 Canadian Armoured Brigade (1944-45)

Official History
» Canadians in Italy

Once Sicily had been secured, XIII Corps was ordered to cross the Messina Straits and commence the advance up the toe of the Italian mainland. They made the crossing on 3 September 1943, initially making steady progress up the toe. XIII Corps met increasing resistance, particularly after the landings at Salerno.

In November 1943, the 5 Canadian Armoured Division was shipped from the United Kingdom to land in Italy at Taranto. In addition, a corps headquarters was brought from the U.K., with the I Canadian Corps becoming operational in late 1943 taking the 1 Canadian Infantry Division and 5 Canadian Armoured Division under command.

The 1 Canadian Armoured Brigade also fought in Italy as part of I Canadian Corps.

The I Canadian Corps fought up the Adriatic coast of Italy under the command of 8 Army.

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