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India 1930 - 1947:

Northern Command, India

Northern Command in India was a pre-war formation, with its headquarters located at Rawalpindi. It comprised the:

Peshawar District;
Kohat District;
Rawalpindi District;
Lahore District;
Waziristan District.

On 21 April 1942, it was redesignated as the North Western Army. The Lahore District transferred to the newly formed Central Command, and the Rawalpindi District was absorbed by the Army Headquarters.

In November 1945, it reverted to the title of Northern Command and the Rawalpindi District was reformed. When Central Command was disbanded circa June 1946, the Lahore Area and Sind Brigade came under command.

On 15 August 1947, with the partition of British India, Headquarters Northern Command formed the new Headquarters, Pakistan Army.

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