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Facebook Group

The launch of a new Facebook Group for BritishMilitaryHistory to add an additional resource for users. With the intention of offering greater access and facilities…

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Video: The Burma Boy

Here is a fascinating story told in video. I hope, like me, you find it moving. In December 1941, the Japanese invasion of Burma (now Myanmar)…

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Gallery Slider Blog Post

Donec eu leo vel ipsum tincidunt pretium et et arcu. Phasellus elit sem, tempor vitae suscipit ac, dignissim sed nibh. Fusce eget velit dignissim, commodo…

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Audio Blog Post

Mauris consequat velit non sapien laoreet, quis varius nisi dapibus. Aliquam porttitor vestibulum nibh, eget accumsan urna egestas ut. Fusce interdum, erat sit amet tincidunt…

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