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Thank you to those of you who have contacted me, and in particular to those who have offered corrections or alternative viewpoints.

Please view this video, available on You Tube.

It contains a personal account of the battle of the Sittang Bridge in early 1942.

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30 April 2017 - AMENDED: Guards, 7, 11 and 79 Armoured Divisions, North-West Europe 1944-45, and Independent Armoured Brigades, North-West Europe 1944-45

23 January 2017 - NEW: 6 (70) Infantry Division - British Infantry Divisions Middle East.

1 January 2017 - NEW: Major General Evered POOLE, and the campaign in Italy. UPDATED: 6 South African Armoured Division (1943-45). See:

10 June 2016 - UPDATED: British Troops in China (1930) and British Troops in China (1937). See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=107&nid=14&start=0

20 April 2016 - NEW: Western Command U.K. History & Personnel, Western Command (1930), Western Command (1937), 42 Division (1930 -1938), 53 Division (1930 - 1938), 55 Division (1930 - 1936) and 55 Division (1937 - 1938). See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=5&nid=1&start=5

16 April 2016 - AMENDED: My 'Guide to Military Research' updated, with additional information and sources. Plus, all the links have been checked and verified.
See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/guide_to_military_research.html

6 March 2015 - AMENDED: The Order of Battle for 6 Armoured Division (1944 - 45) during the campaign in Italy. See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=64&nid=9&start=0

6 March 2015 - NEW: The Orders of Battle for the three Australian Infantry Divisions that fought in the Middle East from 1939 until 1942. In addition, the Order of Battle for I Australian Corps. See:

6 February 2015 - Please see B.M.H. News for an important update.

14 November 2014 - NEW: The three Orders of Battle for the armoured formations that fought in Burma in 1944 and 1945. PLUS - The Concise History of the 50 Indian Tank Brigade, units from which fought at Kohima and in the Arakan. See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=96&nid=13&start=5

14 November 2014 - NEW: Concise History & Personnel of 21 Army Group. Please see: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=31&nid=5&start=0

10 October 2014 - NEW: Section on Biographies Mc and Mac and biography of General Sir Richard Loudon McCREERY. Please see: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=174&nid=16&start=10

25 July 2014 - NEW: Section and nine pdf documents covering the concise history of 30 Infantry Brigade and the Defence of Calais in May 1940. Please see: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=173&nid=4&start=5

21 July 2014 - New text and five new pdf documents in Royal Engineers Battalions and Companies. See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=161&nid=23&start=0

9 July 2014 - REVISED Biography on Captain John Niel RANDLE, taking account that Lieutenant SOLOMON was attached to the 1 Bn. The Durham Light Infantry (as recorded on his grave at Kohima) and additional information from the Imperial War Museum. See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=123&nid=16&start=10

2 July 2014 - AMENDED with updated information, Highland Area (1939) in Scottish Command (1939) and East Lancashire Area (1939) in Western Command. For the former see:
And the latter see: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=14&nid=2&start=5

2 July 2014 - AMENDED and updated Malta Command History and Personnel. See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=41&nid=6&start=0

13 June 2014 - AMENDED and updated 1 Infantry Division 1943 to 1945 covering the campaign in Italy. See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=65&nid=9&start=0

1 June 2014 - NEW pdf documents. I have updated the History and Personnel of the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.) in 1940. Due to its size, I have split these into two documents. One covers the key personnel within the headquarters of the B.E.F., and the other provides a concise overview of the campaign from a British perspective. See: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/documents.php?aid=24&nid=4&start=0

24 March 2014 - NEW significant additions to the section on Norway 1940. This includes a concise history of the campaign from a British perspective, a chronology of key events and the orders of battle for Rupert Force (later Avon Force), Scissors Force, Maurice Force and Sickle Force. These appear not to be available previously on the internet, a first for www.BritishMilitaryHistory.co.uk?

Thank you.