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It contains a personal account of the battle of the Sittang Bridge in early 1942.

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10 October 2014 - NEW: Section on Biographies Mc and Mac and biography of General Sir Richard Loudon McCREERY. Please see:

25 July 2014 - NEW: Section and nine pdf documents covering the concise history of 30 Infantry Brigade and the Defence of Calais in May 1940. Please see:

21 July 2014 - New text and five new pdf documents in Royal Engineers Battalions and Companies. See:

9 July 2014 - REVISED Biography on Captain John Niel RANDLE, taking account that Lieutenant SOLOMON was attached to the 1 Bn. The Durham Light Infantry (as recorded on his grave at Kohima) and additional information from the Imperial War Museum. See:

2 July 2014 - AMENDED with updated information, Highland Area (1939) in Scottish Command (1939) and East Lancashire Area (1939) in Western Command. For the former see:
And the latter see:

2 July 2014 - AMENDED and updated Malta Command History and Personnel. See:

13 June 2014 - AMENDED and updated 1 Infantry Division 1943 to 1945 covering the campaign in Italy. See:

1 June 2014 - NEW pdf documents. I have updated the History and Personnel of the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.) in 1940. Due to its size, I have split these into two documents. One covers the key personnel within the headquarters of the B.E.F., and the other provides a concise overview of the campaign from a British perspective. See:

24 March 2014 - NEW significant additions to the section on Norway 1940. This includes a concise history of the campaign from a British perspective, a chronology of key events and the orders of battle for Rupert Force (later Avon Force), Scissors Force, Maurice Force and Sickle Force. These appear not to be available previously on the internet, a first for

7 March 2014 - NEW biographies on Brigadier John Francis BOWERMAN (Biographies B); Lieutenant General Sir Maurice Fitzgibbon GROVE-WHITE (Biographies G) and Major General Erroll Arthur Edwin TREMLETT (Biographies T). Plus amended biographies for Brigadier Leonard Joseph Lancelot ADDISON, Colonel Monawar Khan AFRIDI and Lieutenant General William Henry Goldney BAKER.

26 February 2014 - Four new pdf documents added in Polish Formations in Italy 1943 - 1945. These cover the II Polish Corps, the 2 Warszawska Armoured Division, the 3 Carpathian Infantry Division and 5 Kresowa Infantry Division. Also Polish Carpathian Independent Brigade (1940-42) in Middle East, Other Formations.

24 January 2014 - Revised 61 Infantry Division (1944-45) posted in U.K. 1944-45 (this is the order of battle as the division prepared for deployment to South East Asia. Also minor amendments to 1 Anti-Aircraft Division (1939) in consequence of work I have recently undertaken on Norway.

24 January 2014 - Revised biography on Major General George William SYMES posted in Biographies 'S'.

5 December 2013 - New pdf document on 51 Infantry Division 1940 in British Forces south of the Somme'.

21 November 2013 - New document titled 'British Forces south of the Somme' and new pdf document on 'Beauman Division (1940). Part of review of France & Norway 1940.

4 October 2013 - BIG DAY - NEW text and eight pdfs in Anti-Aircraft Command (1939) and NEW section plus thirteen pdfs to cover Anti-Aircraft Command (1940-41). This includes the History & Personnel of Anti-Aircraft Command, plus the orders of battle of the divisions in September 1939 and November 1940 - February 1941. In addition, there is a structure diagram of the Command in February 1941.

3 October 2013 - NEW text and four new pdfs added in London District (1939). This includes the History & Personnel of London District, plus three orders of battle.

6 September 2013 - AMENDED 56 (London) Infantry Division (1942-43) in Persia and Iraq.

11 July 2013 - NEW: New text in Regiments introduction.

24 June 2013 - NEW: New text in overview of Units and Formations. In addition, new biography on Lieutenant General Sir Ernest Edward DOWN in Biographies D.

17 June 2013 - NEW: Sections added within Units and Formations. Most yet to be completed, but the section on British Corps Formations 1939-45 has been completed. Two new pdfs have been added to this section.

25 May 2013 - NEW Biography Colonel Edward Eric Spencer WHEATLEY - Biographies W

25 May 2013 - Added new video about the invasion of Southern France. Although a U.S. led operation, it did involve British troops and had a significant effect on the Italian campaign.

March 2013 - Decided to add new sections to provide a better overview of the British Army during the Second World War. New sections are: The Arms (1930 - 1956); The Services (1930 - 1956), Units and Formations; Regiments of the British Army and Regiments of the Indian Army.

26 January 2013 - Wrote new text and loaded several new pdf documents into Burma 1930 - 1948. This section was previously very weak, but now in line with other sections. Much new information, including all the higher level formations involved in this theatre of war.

24 January 2013 - Loaded six new pdf documents into Malta 1930 - 1945, including a chronology of events, Higher Formation History and Personnel, and four giving the order of battle for 1930, 1937, 1939 and 1943.

24 January 2013 - Loaded new pdfs into North West Europe, Overview and Higher Formations. These are of the four British corps level formations involved in this campaign.

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