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I have published some of my work in printed format at the request of some users of the site. Currently, I am offering four concise biographies and one divisional history.

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25 Indian Infantry Division

25 Indian Infantry Division

This is a fifty-six page booklet published privately by the author, Rob PALMER. This booklet is one of several documents the author has written, but this one has grown into a booklet, which the author is now offering for sale.

The 25 Indian Infantry Division was raised in August 1942 in India. It moved to the Arakan in March 1944 to come under command of XV Indian Corps. The division played a role in the defeat of the Japanese during their February 1944 offensive, and then in the post-monsoon offensive in late 1944. Due to the success of the advance, the division invaded Akyab Island and secured it. The division then played key roles in two important, yet forgotten, battles of the Burma campaign; namely the landings at Myebon in January 1945, and the fierce and intense battle at Kangaw later the same month. The division remained in the Arakan until withdrawn to participate in the invasion of Malaya; being disbanded there in February 1946.

This is a private publication, and the cost is principally due to the price of printing the booklet. There are a few proofing errors, for which the author accepts responsibility and apologises for. There are fifty-two pages of text with a few maps to support the reader. A bibliography and details of sources are included. This is intended to provide people with an overview of the activities of this division during the war, and the nature of the war in the Arakan in 1944 and 1945. Copies will be posted by Royal Mail 1st Class Packet upon receipt of payment by Paypal, or upon receipt and clearance of cheque.


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