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I have recently purchased the eight reprints of the Official History of the Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War offered for sale by Pentagon Press in India. I paid for the additional courier service, and the books were ordered on 26 November and arrived at my door on 4 December. The eight books that form the group are:

  1. India and the War;
  2. Expansion of the Armed Forces and Defence Organisations;
  3. The North African Campaign 1940-43;
  4. East African Campaign 1940-41;
  5. Campaigns in South East Asia 1941-42 (Malaya and Hong Kong);
  6. Campaign in Western Asia (Persia and Iraq);
  7. The Arakan Operations 1942-45;
  8. Post War Occupation Forces Japan and South East Asia.

My personal view is that they are excellent value. To find out more see:

Released December 13, 2012