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We Fought At Kohima – A Veteran’s Account
Raymond STREET and Bob STREET
Barnsley, Pen & Sword Military 2015
i – vi 170 pp  ISBN 978 1 47384 367 7 (hbk) £19.99

Firstly, I need to state that I am a Trustee of the Kohima Museum, and I know the author of this book personally, but my interest leads me to a particular scrutiny of any book on the Second World War in Burma and South-East Asia, and the battles of Kohima and Imphal in particular.  This is a reprint of Bob STREET’s first book, The Siege of Kohima, which he published privately in 2003.

This reprint has done justice to the original book, and has been enhanced by some additional text and some new maps.  There are fourteen pages of photographs in the middle of the book, many of which have not been seen elsewhere, although some are more common photographs of Kohima.  The Siege of Kohima was voted Britain’s Greatest Battle in a poll conducted by the National Army Museum recently, and it is truly a remarkable story of human endeavour.  About 2,500 men of the British and British Indian Army were surrounded at Kohima between 4 and 20 April 1944, besieged by an entire Japanese division in a most savage and determined series of assaults.

This book details the siege from the account of a man who was there, Raymond STREET, a Birmingham man who found himself in the Royal West Kent Regiment, the only cohesive battalion involved in the siege.  I find this story compelling, and Bob STREET has written the book in the manner in which his father told him the story.  There are several short sentences, but that is how the tale was related, so to me it provides authenticity to the account.  It provides the Private soldiers’ account of this epic battle, which are few and far between, and as such I thoroughly recommend it.

Released October 19, 2015