Biographies O - P - Q

This section contains biographies of Army officers in either the British Army or Indian Army who saw service during the Second World War, whose surnames begin with the letters 'O', 'P' or 'Q' and either:

  1. Reached the rank of Colonel or above;
  2. Achieved some other notable distinction.

The biographies are a short synopsis of the career of each person. The main sources for these biographies are: Who's Who, the London Gazette and Army Lists; supplemented by additional information from reliable sources. Several Indian Army officers have their service histories preserved at the British Library in the L/MIL/14 series.

Those written to date are:

PALMER Brigadier Godfrey Vaughan;
PLATT General Sir William (REVISED: 27 March 2014);
POWNALL Lieutenant General Sir Henry Royds (REVISED: 27 March 2014).

Other biographies are being written and will be added to this document on a regular basis. If information is sought on a specific individual, please contact the web-master.