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The intention to provide the majority of information free at the point of use, to assist students, military historians, family genealogists, and anyone interested in the Second World War. The site is seven years old and has grown in content and activity in this period. The desire is for this website to continue to grow and develop to become the foremost, on-line resource with regards to the British Army and British Indian Army before, during and after the Second World War (between 1930 and 1956).

Rob intends to update the web-site, in conjunction with my hosts, and is looking for donations to raise the £3,000 needed to bring the site up to date. You may donate via PayPal (see below). He welcomes the support of additional advertisers and sponsors to the site. A statistics package is available to advertisers.



Statistics for January - December 2013

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Statistics for January - December 2016

Unique Visitors  = 64,080;
Number of Visits = 93,670;
Pages Visited    = 526,647;
Hits             = 2,259,889.
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